New paper accepted in Nature Nanotechnology!

Our paper on “ultra-high-frequency-radio-frequency-acoustic molecular imaging with saline nanodroplets in living subjects” has bee accepted for publication in Nature Nanotechnology. Congratulations to Henry and Yun-Sheng!

We have opening positions!

Graduate Students:
We are actively looking for exceptionally qualified graduate students with a background in Electrical Engineering, Bio-engineering, Biology, Applied Physics, or Material Science to join our lab.

Undergraduate Students:
We welcome UIUC undergraduates who are interested in gaining research experience in the areas of medical imaging, nanotechnology, diagnostic devices. Please note that we generally discourage short term projects (single semester) since there is a significant amount of training required prior to participating in one of our research programs. Students, who interested in long-term (one year or more) intensive research projects, are encouraged to contact Prof. Yun-Sheng Chen.